Texas Police Have Fired The Officer Who Shot And Killed Jordan Edwards

Although the Balch Springs police department said that its internal investigation into Oliver's conduct had been concluded, Haber refused to say what Oliver's policy violations were, noting that Oliver had a right to appeal his firing and ongoing investigations by the Dallas County Sheriff's Department and the Dallas County District Attorney's Office.

Balch Springs Police have fired the officer who shot and killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards on Saturday night, BuzzFeed News reports.

The Balch Springs police officer, who has been identified as Roy Oliver, was sacked after an an internal affairs investigation concluded he violated multiple department policies.

Edwards, a high school freshman, was leaving the party with his two brothers and two other teenagers Saturday night.

On the night of the incident, police had been called to an address in Dallas, Texas, to investigate a complaint of underage drinking and spotted the auto leaving. "The vehicle continued the main roadway driving away from the officer as an officer shot into the vehicle striking the passenger". Edwards' parents are asking for the officer to be arrested and charged, according to their attorney Lee Merritt. His 16-year-old brother was driving.

Police Chief Jonathan Haber told reporters that the decision to fire Oliver comes after his actions were internally investigated.

"Balch Springs PD called the Dallas County Sheriff's Office and asked if they could restrain Jordan's father because of his hostile behavior", Merritt said, according to the newspaper. The race of the fired officer was not revealed.

"I made a mistake and I apologized for it", Haber said on Tuesday.

A medical examiner said Edwards was killed with a rifle and ruled his death a homicide.

"Thousands of Facebook and Twitter users have posted about the case in recent days with the hashtag "#jordanedwards", some comparing his death to other police shootings of young black men, such as 12-year-old Tamir Rice in Cleveland, who was fatally shot in November 2014 as he held a pellet gun.

Haber would not disclose whether or not Oliver had previous disciplinary actions.

After reviewing body camera video of the shooting, which has not been released publicly, Balch Springs police officials fired Oliver. "It's just unbelievable. It's absolutely unbelievable that a department did what a department should do".

The investigation found that officer Roy Oliver used a rifle to shoot through the window of a vehicle that Edwards was in.

"What we desire only second to having our beloved Jordan back, is Justice for Jordan", the family's statement read. He said that this case stood out for its "sheer recklessness". An active member of the football team, he was described as an A-student and an ambitious athlete. Police say that as officers dispersed the party they heard gunshots outside. It took the people in the vehicle a few moments to realise Jordan was slumped over. They could not tell if he had died instantly or not at the time, they added. And he was a social butterfly who was the one who wanted to go to the party, she said.

Crockett said Jordan was a teenager who was both interested in academics and sports. "We anxiously await this officer's identification and arrest for the crime of murder", the family said in the statement.

Upon arrival, officers allegedly heard gunshots, then a vehicle began "backing down the street towards officers in an aggressive manner". The video has not been released.

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