Rats blamed for disappearance of seized booze

Patna Senior Superintendent of Police Manu Maharaj said the policemen in the state will now be subjected to random breath-analyser test to check whether it's the rats looting the alcohol from the police station store rooms or the men in uniform have been stealing a swig, according to PTI reports.

Over 9 lakh litres of Indian and foreign alcohol seized in raids have reportedly been swilled by rats in the dingy stores of police stations.

"Based on his findings, the state police headquarters will initiate further action", additional director general of police (headquarters) S K Singhal said. Massive stocks of alcohol bottles seized in operations across Bihar were stacked in police stations.

"The [police] reached the spot after getting to know that the two were creating [a] ruckus and publicly consuming liquor, and found both of them heavily drunk", a police source told Indian news agency IANS.

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Though Bihar has banned alcohol nearly a year ago but it seems it has no impact on rats as according to state police more than 9 lakh litres of alcohol have been finished off by rats.

When questioned during a recent meeting about missing alcohol from police storage, officials replied that "liquor-loving rats" had gulped down a large part of the almost one million litres of seized alcohol lying in the police warehouses. A case has been lodged against them under relevant sections of the Excise and Prohibition Act, 2016. An inquiry has been launched into the missing liquor bottles and the unusual reason presented by the police officials.

On Thursday morning, Nirmal and Khan were produced before the court of judicial magistrate Seema Eram who remanded them in judicial custody for 14 d0ays. According to Bihar Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, the ban was seen as an attempt to reduce domestic violence, harassments and rampant poverty in the region.

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