Nation Divided on President's First 100 Days

President Donald Trump said last week the 100-day benchmark for evaluating new administrations is "ridiculous".

The latest University of Virginia Center of Politics survey found that 93% of Trump voters said they approved of the President's job performance.

Trump has also failed to make progress on building a wall between the USA and Mexico.

But while no president has ever been this unpopular this soon, his abysmal rating may not preclude him for a successful presidency just yet. Although he retained his signature bravado and a salesman's confidence in his upward trajectory, he displayed an understanding that many of his own lofty expectations for his first 100 days in office have not been met. Among Democrats, 87 percent disapprove of Trump's performance, while 88 percent of Republicans approve of the way he is handling the job.

Trump's overall approval rating is now at 42 percent, according to an aggregate of polls analyzed by the website FiveThirtyEight. But just 20 percent strongly approve and 61 percent somewhat approve. The same ABC News/Washington Post poll found that 61 percent disapprove of Trump's appointments of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump to official White House jobs. "It's not very meaningful". Experts believe Trump's immigration bans, increased military spending, and aggressive stance against both Syria and North Korea are major factors of the consistent support.

President Donald Trump has lambasted opinion polls showing him with a low approval rating, calling the media outlets who are publishing them "fake".

Although it's simply too early to tell the outcome of many decisions Trump has made thus far in his presidency, the NY native has certainly been busy. They found that Trump had broken two percent of his pledges while compromising on another one percent, while 14.9 percent had been stalled by setbacks. It seems that the current president of the United States of America is ready to sell to the country himself as a stranger who can take the sledgehammer for the ranking quo. Others even go so far as to say Trump's proclivity to alleviate bad press by pointing the finger is a practice he's employed for years.

They made a decision to dig a little deeper and see how united or divided our country's political parties really were.

  • Salvatore Jensen