N/Korea accuses U.S. of plot to assassinate president

But the allegation is likely to escalate already soaring tension between Pyongyang and the Tump administration, which is pushing to revamp USA strategy toward North Korea amid growing concern over Mr. Kim's accelerating pursuit of nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles that could threaten allies such as South Korea and Japan and reach the American homeland.

"By relentlessly bringing in a number of strategic nuclear assets to the Korean peninsula, the U.S.is gravely threatening the peace and safety and driving the situation to the brink of a nuclear war", North Korean officials said in a statement in April, according to KCNA.

Deputy assistant secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Patrick Murphy Murphy stressed ties with Pyongyang are a sovereign matter for ASEAN states, but confirmed that Tillerson had urged them to review their positions.

US President Donald Trump has been increasing pressure on Kim's regime to give up its nuclear weapons programme, warning that military action was among the options he might consider.

North Korea on Thursday slammed China for what it called "reckless remarks" about the nation's nuclear program. Still, Trump also said this week that he would be prepared to meet with Kim if the circumstances were right. The White House quickly clarified that conditions were "clearly not there right now" and said the North should "end its provocative behaviour immediately".

China has repeatedly said that while it is happy to help arrange talks, it is ultimately up to the United States and North Korea to sort out their differences. Although a total oil embargo is unlikely, analysts see some kind of curtailment of Chinese exports to North Korea as probable.

Royce has said North Korea has evaded existing sanctions imposed on Kim by President Barack Obama in July 2016.

Lawmakers voted 419 to 1 for the bill, which now heads to the Senate.

The U.S. has sent a warship to the region and installed a controversial anti-missile defence system in South Korea.

The State Department would be required to determine whether foreign employers of North Koreans should be sanctioned for human trafficking.

Terrorism is a common enemy to all people, the North Korean government said.

"China's position on developing friendly, good-neighbourly relations with North Korea is also consistent and clear", Mr Geng said, in response to a question about the KCNA commentary.

Kim has continued North Korea's nuclear weapons program in spite of global pressure to shut it down.

  • Zachary Reyes