Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 just as great as the first

This piece of news was confirmed by Guardians of the Galaxy director and writer James Gunn.

With the sheer volume of Marvel films out now, it's becoming increasingly hard for the studio to release memorable entries - like "Logan", "The Avengers", "Deadpool", or the first "Guardians of the Galaxy" - that are wholly original and add nuance to the collection.

While escaping from the remotely piloted Sovereign ships, the Guardians' ship is damaged, but they're helped by someone they don't recognize.

After writing and directing "Slither" in 2006 and "Super" in 2010, he made the right noise with superhero film franchise "Guardians of the Galaxy" - which he directed and co-wrote.

In the immediate aftermath of the events of the first movie, the Guardians are acting as bounty hunters on behalf of the Sovereign, a gold-skinned species who promise payment in the form of Gamora's (Zoe Saldana) captured sister Nebula (Karen Gillen). Now, Gerry Duggan's gone even further. "They're not what you think you were going to get". Sure, in a weird twist artist Aaron Kuder has given Star-Lord a beard, but that's about the only difference. I can't get enough of his phlegm laugh or his honest-but-terse appraisals of other characters.

With that said, Guardians of the Galaxy is available on DVD from Netflix.

James Gunn manages to navigate the pressure of a sequel with relative ease. In the first movie he became the leader of the Guardians and that was his arc: "to go from a selfish little kid who's socially stunted as a nine or 10 year old, to someone who's determined to become the leader of this ragtag squad and try to keep them out of trouble, with mixed results".

That said, I do have to admit that Gerry Duggan has given this book his traditional twist.

Peter Quill (Chris Pratt, rugged everyman dufus) and his band of misfits-for-hire run into some troubles here and there across the galaxy.

The first Guardians was released before 2016, and the second one was released after. Duggan takes the time to establish his characters' new status quo, although he only drops the barest of hints to the reasons for these changes. What happened to Groot? We are like two peas in a pod.

Despite all of these different subsets of films, Guardians of the Galaxy is arguably able to distance itself as the one that has cultivated its own identity.

It's possible that Guardians of the Galaxy will be streaming on Netflix at some point. Aaron Kuder puts in a fairly strong performance, but there aren't really any stand-out moments.

If fate intervened and he was hit and killed by a "semi truck" (his words), he said he wouldn't mind if Yondu was what he was remembered for.

"You fall in love with the characters in the first movie, but this is true love because it's tested", he tells the Sun over coffee in a West Hollywood hotel.

  • Salvatore Jensen