Crookston murder suspect arrested after officer-involved shooting in Twin Cities

Authorities say Frazier was last seen around 11 a.m. today in Detroit Lakes. The BCA hasn't released the circumstances, but says the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office will investigate the shooting.

Tawnja Rene Wallace was found dead in her downtown apartment Wednesday morning. Frazier is charged with second degree murder. Frazier has an extensive criminal history, including kidnapping and domestic assault. Police in Crookston began looking for the 49-year-old suspect Wednesday after a woman he shared a home with was found dead. Officers had been dispatched to the apartment on a 911 call around 4 a.m. but left when no one answered. "The source said "'Mark Frazier" had told someone he had "killed the (expletive) and left her for dead in the tub'".

Wallace's daughter told detectives her mother and Frazier had been arguing a lot recently, and that he had struck her and locked her in a closet a couple of weeks ago.

Wednesday night, police learned Frazier was in Bloomington.

Fraizer then took off, Police say he ditched the vehicle and ended up on foot, Officers then shutdown the area.

Bloomington police said officers searched for Frazier for hours, eventually locating and arresting him around 3 a.m. on the 8200 block of Stevens Avenue South.

  • Joanne Flowers