Corbyn might not do TV debates if May declines them

"So on day one of a Labour government we will immediately guarantee that all European Union nationals now living in the United Kingdom will see no change in their legal status as a result of Brexit".

The UK could relinquish its right to cut post-Brexit global trade deals if it gets a good withdrawal agreement with the EU, Labour has suggested.

"Even his supporters know he's not fit to run this country", May said, accusing him of uncosted spending plans and saying he was weak on defence.

Labour-supporting journalist and Vauxhall resident Paul Mason told BBC Newsnight last week he would not vote for his party on June 8 so as not to support Hoey.

"After all, we provide the rails, we provide the trains and they make the profits from running them", he said. "What matters for jobs, the economy and living standards is that we retain the benefits of the single market and the customs union", Starmer said.

Labour's leader said the only debate he wanted was one between the "two people who could form the next government".

"We do not accept that Brexit has to mean whatever Theresa May says it means". That, and perhaps the fact that she is no fan of the media spotlight, or of its ability to find an inconvenient angle on the election campaign that isn't on the Conservative "press grid".

Remember the opinion polls were wrong in the 2015 general election, they were wrong in the referendum previous year.

With EU negotiators hardening their positions on sensitive topics such as the rights of citizens, May is seizing on a narrow window of opportunity to consolidate power before negotiations begin.

European Parliament chief Antonio Tajani said that he believed the elections are not only good for the United Kingdom, but also the EU since it would mean negotiations would be conducted with the same government through the span of the divorce process.

"We are confident that we can win this election once Labour's message is clearly heard. It is removing options before we've started - and it's a reckless approach".

Sir Keir said there would need to be an end-date for such renegotiations, and Britain would switch to emergency transitional arrangements once it exited the European Union in order to avoid an economic "cliff edge" if no deal was in place.

"And we will approach negotiations in a completely different way to a Tory Brexit: negotiating for the many, not the few".

Labour has repeatedly harangued the prime minister over her decision not to take part in any head-to-head debates ahead of the vote, breaking with the precedent set by party leaders in 2010 and 2015.

  • Zachary Reyes