Chrissy Teigen got armpit liposuction

Chrissy Teigen admitted to getting liposuction on her armpits to remove extra fat. That was real-and she has zero regrets.

'It added two inches of length to my arms'. She revealed, "It was so easy".

She then pointed to her nose, lips and forehead, and said: "Fake, fake, fake".

Now Teigen appears to be backtracking on her comments, later clarifying on Twitter that she was joking. "You think I'd have this ass if I'd done extensive work?"

Teigen shared that she's not ashamed of the work that she's had done, even humorously sharing an anecdote about one of her more unusual procedures. "Like who would ask for this a-?"

With her usual refreshing candor, she went on to explain why she's happy with her decision to get treatments done-a friendly reminder that celebrities are humans with insecurities too.

In an essay she wrote for Glamour, which featured her on the cover, Chrissy opened up about her condition she suffered after giving birth to her daughter with husband John Legend. I just happen to be aesthetically attracted to other models out there a bit more than Teigen with regard to looks. But she took the decision to seek assistance and that helped her a great deal to deal with the struggles of motherhood. It was when she was diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety. The models talk about social media and the secret to the best selfies, feeling comfortable in their own skin, and taking control of how they are portrayed and perceived. When you're in your mid 30s and later in life, looks become way less important.

  • Salvatore Jensen