'Alt-Right' Slams Ann Coulter's Berkeley Cancellation

Berkeley police announced two arrests by 1 p.m; one person for carrying a knife on campus and another for obstructing or delaying a police officer, wearing a mask and giving false identification.

"Many students will tell you they support Coulter's right to speak, even if they disagree with her", CNN said. She was not spotted at the rallies.

Several hundred people gathered for the afternoon event supporting Coulter at Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center Park in downtown Berkeley. At the same time, Ann Coulter isn't the only controversial speaker whose appearance has just been canceled, right? He blamed Coulter opponents for forcing him to gear up for problems.

Most of the people who showed up on Thursday did so to protest the cancellation of Coulter's speech. Some had "Build That Wall" or Trump stickers across their headgear.

As they did with David Horowitz, and in behavior they repeated with Ann Coulter, administrators violated the content-neutrality requirement for free speech, instead penalizing groups that invite conservative speakers with onerous time, place, and manner restrictions, as well as arbitrary and onerous "security" fees that effectively served as a speech tax on certain, unwelcome speech. There were anti-Trump demonstrators on the other side of the street. We stand in firm condemnation of any group which seeks to divide people for their personal gain- it is irresponsible and detrimental not only to political progress but to our nation as a whole.

BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) — Berkeley officials declared their handling of protests over Ann Coulter's canceled appearance a success thanks to a massive police presence that ensured the city did not become a "fight club", the mayor said Friday.

She said that during the discovery process, they intend to find out all the details about how they came up with the policy and who was consulted.

Helicopters circled over Berkeley and city and campus police put on a significant show of force on Thursday, according to local media reports. Students should not and can not be allowed to take over a campus and hijack the robust exchange of ideas-even if they think they have the best intentions and are promoting a virtuous, progressive agenda.

A man holds a sign showing Pepe, a frog meme that has been seized upon by the far right, during Thursday's gathering in Berkeley.

Officials at UC Berkeley said they feared renewed violence on campus if Coulter followed through with plans to speak, citing "very specific intelligence" of threats that could endanger Coulter and students, which Coulter said was motivated by a university bias against conservative speakers.

On its Facebook page, McInnes' group calls itself a fraternal organization aimed at "reinstating a spirit of Western chauvinism during an age of globalism and multiculturalism". It said it supports minimal government and is also anti-political correctness, anti-racial guilt and pro-gun rights. Later today, there's a pro-Coulter and pro-Trump group called the Proud Boys who will stage an event at a nearby park. "Then we're going to seek relief from the court to order Berkeley to stop discriminating against people who want to speak on their campus or students who want to invite speakers on the basis of their viewpoints", she said.

Coulter is the second prominent conservative in two months to have a Berkeley event scuttled out of safety concerns, prompting criticism that the university isn't living up to its free speech ideals.

Chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks sent a letter to the campus Wednesday saying the university is committed to defending free speech but also to protecting its students.

"This university is not a battlefield", he says.

It was less clear whether and when far-left activists and groups that describe themselves as antifascist might show up to try to shut down the conservatives' rally, as they have done repeatedly in recent weeks.

  • Larry Hoffman