Happy Star Wars Day: May the Fourth Be With You

May 4 has been chosen as Star Wars day due to its play on the classic greeting used by some of the Jedi characters in the franchise, "May the Force be with you".

May 4 marks "May the Fourth be with you", the official "holiday" dedicated to George Lucas' galaxy far, far away.

With legions of loyal fans - from toddlers to the elderly - obsessing over the tiniest fragments of Star Wars minutia, the films have actually had a measurable impact on our country's culture, including how people name their children.

The SaberTrees will light up from 8pm to midnight, and the light show will run at 7.45pm, 8.45pm and 9.45pm, every night until the festival ends on Saturday.

According to a post by videogame deal specialist Wario64, Newegg is offering a discount on the pre-order of Star Wars Battlefront II, dropping the original $59.99 to $44.99. I love "Star Wars.' I also love the song "All Star" by Smash Mouth, which got me thinking". This playlist will test knowledge of fans by providing a fact only true Star Wars fans will know about the origin story behind Princess Leia's infamous hairdo.

It all started with Margaret Thatcher, so the story goes.

The party leaders did not tweet any Star Wars-related messages on their accounts as of Thursday morning. In fact, early on in Star Wars history, numerous cameo roles were filled by production staff that otherwise wouldn't have been on screen.

It's nearly too obvious to point out the Star Wars Universe and its rabid fanbase's comparisons to theology, given the inherent nature of faith with regards to the Force.

May the fourth be with you, Smash Mouth.

The video claims it is a "period of unrest on the dark side", and that most of the conservative candidates "just want to do what Harper did".

Gamestop: Take 30% off your Star Wars collectible and drinkware purchases. Now, these May the 4th celebrations span the globe with scheduled events in cities all over the world - though some things you can do right from home.

  • Arturo Norris