Czech teen Scout confronts neo-Nazis

Mr Cicmanec's image on Facebook has more than 5,000 reactions and has been shared almost 2,000 times.

In this picture taken in Brno, Czech Republic, Monday, May 1, 2017, 16-year-old Lucie Myslikova talks to a protester at a right wing demonstration.

"He [the Neo-Nazi demonstrator] asked me why they [immigrants] came up here, and why they came exactly here and that they would take our money and that they would rape me", reports The Daily Dot.

Vladimír Čičmanec, an amateur photographer, is the one who captured the moment.

Counter demonstrators outnumbered the far-right demonstrators, according to Czech media. "Creating a better world!", WOSM's post explained.

Other photos show the unnamed girl scout holding a sign which translates as "We will raise your children" and posing with other scouts at the protest. "Whole point of the protest was to enjoy the first day of May, which is also the traditional day to celebrate love and spring", she wrote.

Regardless of what political party you're a party of, there are certain things that all good people can agree on: that we should treat one another with kindness and respect, and that it's despicable to commit hate crimes or consider a person subhuman due to their race, religion, sex, or ethnicity.

"There was some kind of far-right march, so a bunch of people went there as well to protest in a peaceful way - they were dancing and painting, later more people came to protest against neo-Nazis with drums and so on".

  • Leroy Wright