Two Men Get Into Brawl During Los Angeles-Bound Flight From Japan

Neither of the two were (fortunately) competent in their fist-flinging abilities, but the messy blows that occasionally hit its target, were more than enough to frighten passengers and cause children to cry. Oh you think I'm insane.

A courageous airhostess tried to break up the fight but the two just kept on going at it until the older mans shirt wass torn to shreds.

A fight broke out on a flight from Japan to the U.S. It's not known at this time what started the argument between the two passengers but you can see punches being thrown before the man in the red shirt is forced off the plane.

That reasoning sounds nuts and is either actual facts or the rantings of a drunk old man.

Hour said the man in the black shirt tried to intervene, but then began to brawl with the man in the Hawaiian shirt.

According to CBS News, the All Nippon Airways flight was about to take off from Tokyo's Narita International Airport when the passengers got in a dispute. Before he leaves, he goes back to confront the man he was fighting, but catches a stiff left-hand jab. After being briefly separated, the man in red returned for another round, taking a hard left jab square in the mouth.

Japan Today reported that a 44-year-old American was charged with assault after he allegedly choked an ANA employee on a plane on Monday night.

The flight took off about an hour and 40 minutes late, according to both Hour and Japan Today.

"For the record ANA staff and passengers handled the situation with grace and respect", he wrote.

  • Larry Hoffman