Millions of Americans suffer from a mental health condition

Mental health issues affect us all, in various ways, and this is one reason why we think it is essential to help inform the public, especially young people, about the assistance and tools that they can access.

The Minister seems to continue to be unwilling to acknowledge the extent of the problems with mental health services, stating "our mental health and addiction services are on a transformational journey".

"Maternal mental ill-health is much more than the "baby blues" and is potentially a very serious health condition if untreated".

He also referred to the government's $321 million package of social investment spending, but did not say whether mental health would be included in that or funded separately.

"We are looking to improve alignment of [the] government's response across the board".

"We may not be able to control or prevent those things that trigger mental health problems but we can work to improve wellbeing and resilience throughout our communities", he says.

Socialist Party member Tim Jones spoke at Sheffield Trades Council's International Workers Memorial Day commemoration on 29 April on behalf of Mental Health Action Group Sheffield (MHAGS).

The Defeat Depression Campaign is a national fundraising campaign created to allow individuals and organizations to raise funds in support of local mental health programs and services.

He said there had been significant investment in mental health services since 2008/9, with funding increasing by 18 percent from $1.1 billion to $1.4bn previous year.

The university said the Post Graduate Certificate in Perinatal and Maternal Mental Health will be an opportunity for all health and social care professionals to gain skills that will allow them to "identify and intervene confidently" when working with women with mental health issues and their families.

Kirsty Schofield, course leader and senior lecturer in midwifery at Sheffield Hallam, suggested more clinicians should be qualified to deal with maternal and perinatal mental health due to demand. "The subject is hugely concerning for all of us", Dr Coleman said.

"The Health and Safety Executive reported almost 500,000 cases of work-related stress a year ago - accounting for 45% of all working days lost due to ill health".

  • Joanne Flowers