Leahy grills Comey on Clinton emails

Speaking at times with a raised voice, Comey said he faced two hard decisions when agents told him they had found emails potentially connected to the Clinton case on a laptop belonging to former Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., who was married to close Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

FBI director James Comey faced the US Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday and was insistent he treated the investigations into Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump prior to election day exactly the same, despite only informing Congress about one.

Though the FBI was investigating how Weiner and Abedin may have mishandled classified information, the case was dropped after investigators couldn't prove how either of them violated the law, according to CNN.

According to political analyst Nate Silver, the Comey letter "probably" cost the former secretary of state the presidential election - a view recently endorsed by Mrs Clinton herself. But there was nothing found that changed the FBI's decision not to recommend charges. He said he'd felt "slightly nauseous" to think he might have tipped the election outcome but in hindsight would change nothing.

"I've gotten all kinds of rocks thrown at me", Comey said.

Trump's Twitter rants are boringly repetitive news at this point, but it was a tad unexpected when he threw FBI Director James Comey under the bus Tuesday night. But less than two weeks before the election, he sent a letter to Congress announcing the FBI had found more emails pertinent to the investigation.

"With respect to the Russian Federation investigation, we treated it like we did with the Clinton investigation", Comey said. Perhaps it's because these arguments about Comey, Russia and Wikileaks keep reverberating throughout the Trump presidency-in a way that's making me slightly queasy.

Comey said he and his top staff debated whether to go public, mindful of long-standing Justice Department policies that seek to avoid actions that could sway elections.

And one more thing: Asked whether misogyny played a role in her loss, Clinton replied, "Yes, I do think it played a role".

Ex-Attorney General Loretta Lynch's surprise sitdown with Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac previous year convinced FBI Director James Comey there was no way the Justice Department could conduct an independent probe of Hillary Clinton, Comey testified Wednesday.

"It's still very unclear - and I hope, Director, that you will clear this up - why the FBI's treatment of these two investigations was so dramatically different", said the top Democrat on the committee, Sen. "I think this theory does not hold up when you look at other investigations".

With the USA investigating WikiLeaks over its role in Russia's campaign to interfere with last year's election, Comey said he did not believe the group or its founder Julian Assange merited protections U.S. journalists have in publishing classified material. "We have high confidence that the North Koreans hacked Sony, we have high confidence that the Russians did the hacking of the DNC and the other organisations", he said. However, he also threw FBI Director James Comey into the mess, a typically nonsensical Trump move. And none of - at least people that I hang around with - none of us want back doors. Russian officials also have denied involvement.

"Somehow I would have prayed away, wished I was on the shores of the CT sound but other than that, I don't have any regrets", Comey admitted. I could imagine a world that ends up with legislation saying, if you're going to make devices in the United States, you figure out how to comply with court orders, or maybe we don't go there.

  • Leroy Wright