Justice CS Karnan refuses medical examination

Continuing his showdown with the Chief Justice of India (CJI), Jagdish Singh Khehar and six other judges of the Supreme Court, Calcutta High Court judge Justice Chinnaswamy Swaminathan Karnan on Thursday refused to undergo a medical examination in violation of the apex court order.

Karnan told the team of four doctors from a government hospital that a person's mental examination can not be done without consent of his guardian, and his wife and sons were not in Kolkata. Justice Karnan also claimed that doctors from the Calcutta Pavlov Hospital could not examine him as it was legally wrong.

A four-member team of doctors, headed by Pavlov Hospital superintendent Dr Ganesh Prashad, along with police officials led by the deputy commissioner (headquarter) of Bidhannagar Police Commissionerate, had gone to justice Karnan's residence in New Town, Kolkata in the morning.

Court order amounts to insult and harassment of a Dalit judge.

Karnan said he is mentally fit.

Karnan has been engaged in an over three-month long confrontation with the apex court.

He said that he was "of sound health and mind", that his wife and two sons are "very much satisfied" with his physical and mental health, that the court order was "an insult to a Dalit judge", and that he would not undergo a medical test.

Justice Karnan, however, refused to undergo a medical test and told the team that he was absolutely normal and had a stable mind.

Even though he failed to provide any evidence against those named in the list, he urged Mr Modi to investigate - and take action against them.

The medical reports were supposed to be submitted on or before May 8. I am wondering how the seven judges (are) supporting corrupted judges. "Am I a terrorist, an anti-social element?"

The Supreme Court then issued him a contempt notice, an unprecedented step against a sitting judge, and asked him to appear before the bench in person.

Karnan then offered his "logic". He also stated the seven judges are operating their judicial powers outside the law, out of cause of action and jurisdiction. "Therefore they are terrorists in the judiciary".

Karnan claimed the seven judges were "not suitable" for the nation.

Justice Karnan also mocked the Supreme Court's order to send a panel of four doctors to carry out the tests. In April, Karnan even directed the Air Control Authority in New Delhi to prevent Chief Justice Khehar and the other apex court judges from travelling overseas.

But the judge escalated the row by ordering a Central Bureau of Investigation probe against the seven judges.

  • Leroy Wright