Jay Cutler Interested in Joining the Media?

Cutler has yet to receive interest from another team to be their starting quarterback, and there's no surefire place to start after last week's NFL Draft.

Cutler's agent, Bus Cook, would not confirm whether his client is seriously considering a TV career.

"You have to talk to Jay about that".

Romo, the former Cowboys quarterback, left the National Football League for one of the sport's most prestigious broadcast jobs - CBS' color commentator along Jim Nantz. Any football player would be smart to explore his options in case he doesn't want to play anymore.

Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is having a hard time finding a job on the gridiron, so apparently he's exploring other avenues to stay involved in the game.

That being said, there's no question that they wouldn't be interested now.

It makes sense Cutler would want to get into broadcasting, but he's not an obvious fit for it like Romo was. The Browns, who took DeShone Kizer in the second round, could add a veteran at some point, though they haven't shown much interest in Cutler. The Texans seemed to make sense given their bad quarterback situation and position as a contender, but they selected Clemson product Deshaun Watson with the twelfth pick in the draft. Cutler has not yet announce his official retirement, but he's reportedly "leaning towards calling it quits".

"I don't know why that was reported", Smith said on ESPN Radio, per ProFootballTalk. That's just not true.

In recent years, Cutler has grown from a reticent interview to a more engaged participant.

  • Julie Sanders