HBO shows leaving Amazon Prime later this year

It feels as though platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, which once acted as aggregators of other provider's content, are fast turning into content producers in their own right. Richard Plepler, the network's chairman and CEO, told investors today HBO has no plans to renew its output deal with Amazon Prime when it wraps up in May 2018. Remember, at the time, HBO's official company line was that if you wanted to stream HBO, you needed to first get a cable or satellite subscription.

Vulture reports the premium-cable network will not renew its output deal with the streaming platform, which now gives Amazon Prime subscribers unfettered access to acclaimed series like Deadwood, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, and Flight Of The Conchords. The move comes a week after Amazon started noting on its site that a number of big HBO shows would be leaving the service later this month, but then quickly backtracked and told Vulture a technical error was behind the messaging.

If you've been waiting out every buzzworthy HBO season to watch the shows on Amazon Prime, your time is at its end. Since Amazon offered the same shows on Prime, it conflicted with HBO Now.

HBO introduced HBO Now just months shortly after making a deal with Amazon Prime.

Older HBO programs now available to Amazon Prime subscribers will be going away next year after a current licensing pact ends, according to comments made by Richard Plepler, chairman and CEO of the network. The current HBO-Amazon licensing deal was signed a year before in 2014, and extending it now would mean HBO was helping its competition. HBO Now is currrently available for $14.99 as a standalone service. The service is included when you pay your HBO subscription through a TV provider.

HBO's isn't the only content to be disappearing from streaming platforms.

  • Arturo Norris