Facebook will hire 3000 new workers to combat violent video streamings

The 3,000 new hires will join the company over the next year and will be added to the 4,500 employees who already have the task of scanning Facebook for violence. It's heartbreaking, and I've been reflecting on how we can do better for our community.If we're going to build a safe community, we need to respond quickly.

Zuckerberg's announcement did not address one frequent criticism of the company's video monitoring - that, unlike YouTube, Facebook does not proactively monitor posts unless they've been flagged by users, potentially slowing the process by which the company can respond to videos in violation of the site's rules.

The 3,000 workers will be new positions and will monitor all Facebook content, not just live videos, the company said.

In that case, it took Google just 15 minutes to delete the video but it took Facebook 24 hours to remove them from its service.

According to Eric Hippeau, managing partner at Lerer Hippeau Ventures, the move by Facebook shows the limitations of using algorithms to find and remove posts related to hate and violence. As it is, him boasting about the team catching someone on Facebook Live considering suicide feels hollow, at such an early stage when none of the new systems to combat this problem aren't even implemented.

On Easter Sunday in Ohio, Steve Stephens livestreamed himself shooting an elderly man on Facebook Live, after forcing his victim to say his ex-girlfriend's name. The 32-year-old CEO also promised to build additional reporting tools so Facebook users can better assist the company in taking down offensive videos.

"Half the time it's, 'Oh no, Facebook didn't take something down, and we think that's awful; they should have taken it down, ' " Stanford University law professor Daphne Keller told NPR's Laura Sydell last month.

One of the first reported incidents occured in December, when a 12 year old girl in Atlanta committed suicide on Facebook Live.

Social network Facebook has announced its plan to hire 3,000 workers to keep a check on hate speech and objectionable content.

Indeed, Facebook has recently served as a platform for teens streaming their own suicides; the broadcast of a young woman being raped; and a young man with special needs being tortured.

"As these become available", Zuckerberg wrote, "they should help make our community safer".

Videos livestreaming murder or depicting kidnapping and torture have made global headlines even when the crimes themselves wouldn't have, simply because they were on Facebook, visible to people who wouldn't have seen them otherwise.

  • Leroy Wright