Donald Trump, Patriots blast New York Times over White House photos

The surprise visit came shortly after the Patriots' arrival at the White House, where the team was scheduled to meet President Donald Trump in celebration of their 2017 Super Bowl win.

James said it was "wrong" to compare the player attendance from the past two Super Bowl victories.

"Comparable photos: The last time the #Patriots won two Super Bowls in three years, 36 players visited the White House".

While the photo with Trump looks far more vacant than that with Obama, the motive appeared to show that many Patriots opted out of the Trump White House visit versus an eagerness when Obama was in office.

Stallman went on to explain that the idea was not properly vetted and took full responsibility for the misleading photo comparison, which was re-tweeted more than 50,000 times and is still on Twitter.

"These photos lack context", the Patriots tweeted. "The photo from Wednesday only showed players and coaches; the 2015 photo showed players, coaches and support staff and has been removed".

"A great honour to host the @SuperBowl Champion New England @Patriots at the White House today".

Another group of players - running back LeGarrette Blount, defensive end Chris Long, defensive tackle Alan Branch and tight end Martellus Bennett - boycotted the ceremony because of Trump's policies.

Other Patriots welcomed the visit, including owner Robert Kraft, a friend of Trump's who contributed $1 million to the president's inauguration committee.

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Of course, Trump himself also blasted the New York Times.

Aside from coach Bill Belichick and star tight end, Rob Gronkowski - who didn't even play in the big game due to injury - players who attended the ceremony were mostly unrecognizable and unknown by most National Football League fans. There are 64 players listed on the Patriots' active team roster, though it's unclear how many were invited.

  • Zachary Reyes