Celebrate Paladins' PS4 and Xbox One Open Beta with an Exclusive Skin

With 24 playable champions, each with abilities that can be customised through the use of cards and, of course, a wide range of cosmetic items, Paladins makes for some varied and frantic gaming. The free-to-play game from the creators of Smite has extended its open beta to PS4 and Xbox One, after debuting on PC past year.

Today marks the launch of the Paladins Open Beta on PS4 and Xbox One.

Paladins, the most-played new Steam game of 2016, is now free-to-play on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 - and Hi-Rez Studios is celebrating with the release of a new cinematic trailer. Players are also competing to win a trip to Valencia, Spain, where they can battle for a share in the $50,000 Paladins Console Wars at DreamHack Valencia 2017.

There's no better time to start playing Paladins than right now.

You can qualify for the tournament through open bracket qualifiers, which will be held starting May 20 through June 25. According to the PlayStation Store (North America, Europe), it's a 3.3GB download.

And if you're loving your time with Paladins, the Founder's Pack instantly unlocks all 24 Champions now in Paladins for just $20.

  • Arturo Norris