Backup/restore, group Incognitio chats, and more now rolling out in Google Allo

Amit Fulay, who's in charge of Google Allo and Duo, today announced that Allo is getting chat backup and restore starting today. In particular, the project manager responsible for the development of Google Allo has confirmed via Twitter the arrival of chats backup, link preview and incognito mode. The new features include backup and restore function for chats, group incognito chats, and much more. And finally, Allo will support link previews, a feature that has surfaced in other messaging apps, so its inclusion here isn't too surprising. Today's update is a nice one for Allo, giving it important features like chat backup. Is Allo your go-to messaging app?

Interestingly, Allo's incognito mode comes with end-to-end encryption. Users have the option to save messages locally, in the cloud with Google Drive, or both. In addition, it will help to make the application known among new users.

Incognito Mode for groups: In this mode the messages will not be saved until the the incognito Mode is expired.

Google is rolling out the update right now, so you should expect to see the update hit your device in the coming days on the Play Store.

  • Carolyn Briggs