WWE Payback: Braun Strowman conquers Roman Reigns

Owens was unable to escape the Walls of Jericho like he did at WrestleMania 33, tapping out to the submission.

Quite surprisingly, Chris Jericho won the title match to become a two-time United States champion by locking in his pendant move, Walls of Jericho. It seemed like he was a lock for some time off as his band, Fozzy, releases a new album and goes on tour. These are the questions that make you tune in. In fact, do one better, just get up and leave, because if you want change so bad, that's what it'll take. The champion was disqualified because he continued to grab hold of the referee when Austin Aries had him locked in the Last Chancery.

It is widely assumed that Roman Reigns will take another break from television now. Now a full-blown heel, it's been exciting to see that version of Neville return and ramp things up further: first there was the thumb to the eye at Mania, and now Neville blatantly getting himself disqualified to avoid dropping the title.

We'll get to that in a minute. After the match, Sheamus and Cesaro attacked the champions from behind to turn into heels. They're rebelling against Reigns because he's been anointed by WWE brass.

The idea of Bayley dropping the Raw Women's Title in her hometown to Alexa Bliss was brilliant. The Viper pledged his alliance to Wyatt but turned face when he got the right to challenge for the World Championship ahead of WrestleMaina 33. "I put an end to Bayley's fairytale story".

Strowman has been a revelation in the WWE since the draft and he just continues to get better, whilst Roman Reigns, despite the fans hate, is an equally good worker and this should be one where they simply brawl, allowing the monster to come out on top ahead of his inevitable clash with Brock Lesnar.

There is a reason this match sounds vague, and that is because the WWE are probably still working out what exactly a House of Horrors match is. Mahal had stolen the belt last week on Smackdown Live. There are eight matches on the card, one of which will take place on the Kickoff Show. The Bay Area also seems like an area that was huge into the Final Deletion as they were doing this thing when the Hardys were in TNA and they attend indie and WWE shows. Maybe Orton will pay attention to this very real threat now.

Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins worked well in the ring, showed plenty of chemistry and still have more chapters to write in this feud. It seems as if WWE is continuing this feud as Rollins won with a fluke victory pin.

What we learned: Nothing just yet, other than that Joe hasn't enacted his plan for revenge and all that means is pain in Seth's future. His rise to the main event has been nothing short of meteoric, but it has also been viewed as artificial and forced courtesy of the WWE machine.

Braun Strowman physically dominated Roman Reigns, who was heavily taped and less than 100% from his storyline shoulder and rib injuries after Strowman flipped an ambulance with Reigns inside three weeks earlier. So much happened so find out all the results!

WWE Payback finally showed Roman Reigns as vulnerable, merely a speed bump in the path of the company's best character since the birth of Bray Wyatt.

  • Salvatore Jensen