Pretty Little Liars Recap: Wed and Dead

It was Hanna's turn to roll the proverbial (and literal) dice on Tuesday's Pretty Little Liars, but her turn at the board didn't go quite as smoothly as Emily and Spencer's.

Hanna blames Jenna for a recent professional setback and brings Caleb up to speed on current events.

Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Aria (Lucy Hale) joined forces to track down Sydney Driscoll (Chloe Bridges) in the hope of finding Jenna (Tammin Sursok).

Aria was also still struggling with her Ezra situation - he was totally MIA this week, and Aria kept seeing Nicole on the news, so that didn't help. Before they can quibble too much about it, though, the phone decides it's Hanna's turn to play. It tells her to answer the door and when Caleb does, there's a doll with a mask of her face crudely stitched on.

Now with only seven episodes to go, the drama in Rosewood is only going to get more and more intense for our Liars and star Janel Parrish confirmed at the RDMA's that fans are in for an "amazing" finale. But things got even worse when Aria returned home to Ezra's apartment and found Nicole sitting alone in the dark. Aria and Emily search for Sydney and realize she was at the same benefit as the senator's daughter the night she wore the dress. "It could be just that insane", Keegan teased of what's to come in the final ever series of Pretty Little Liars when asked about the possibility of Spoby getting back together before PLL ends. They speculate her whereabouts for five seconds before defaulting back to Spencer's crying cell phone, which suddenly stops crying-but then Hanna's phone starts crying. Emily checks to see if any fashion bloggers are talking about Hanna, but she finds a blogger who accused her of stealing the design.

Unfortunately for Hanna, she never even made it to the meeting. Things get hard for her when A.D. forces her to deal with the trauma of past event.

Unfortunately because Hanna didn't play her turn all the way through, Detective Marco Fury gets his own prize: a severed finger that probably belongs to the very dead Rollins.

And of course Spencer is just conveniently there in the hospital moments after Yvonne dies to comfort Toby.

Will Jenna unveil new secrets?

Aside from these inklings, Pieterse refused to spill the details about Alison's mystery man who got her impregnated. Afterwards, she and Aria Montgomery look at Sidney's calendar and see that she has an appointment at an eye institute. What can I say?

Unless and until that happens, though, Hanna's got a meeting to go to, before which she must profusely apologize to Lucas in advance for embarrassing him. While investigating the game, and making peace with Spencer, Caleb tried to prise a piece off the board and released a toxic gas that rendered him unconscious.

Spencer and the detective have fun together. At the hospital Caleb was in recovery and Hanna learned from A.D. that she had failed her turn and wouldn't be getting the reward.

  • Salvatore Jensen