HRW to Trump: Seek accountability not WH visit for Duterte

After all, who cares about Day 101?

At his rally, Mr Trump spoke of his plans to reform U.S. taxes and swore that healthcare legislation brought in by Mr Obama that gives greater medical access to Americans was "dying" and would be repealed - despite a signal failure by Republicans in Congress to do so in March.

He said Trump was in his element when he appeared in front of supporters 100 miles north of Washington, D.C. on the night of the White House Correspondents' dinner.

For the record, there were rows that were visibly empty in the hall in Harrisburg, while the WHCA dinner was sold out as usual.

The tweet that prompted the most responses - including likes, retweets, quotes with comment and replies - illustrates one truism of Trump's twitter account: Capital letters get attention.

He called out the dinner's "Hollywood people", of whom there were far fewer than in years past.

The evening was not without humor aimed at the press and Trump.

It was a visible contrast to be beamed to the nation on split-screen TV.

At the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, Pa., Trump mocked the press and said he would rather be with those assembled before him in the New Holland Ag arena. "They're trapped at the dinner, which will be very, very boring", Trump said, but indicated that he would be present at the Correspondents' Dinner next year.

All presidents now must govern largely via the media, but Trump is perhaps the first to be quite so governed by it - so defined by a media vision of the world. "This is more work than in my previous life".

Minhaj took on the president's dire social media usage. "You're basically the presidential Fyre Festival". We will repeal and replace Obamacare. It denies Trump a win on his oft-promised wall along the U.S. -Mexico border, but gives him a down payment on his request to strengthen the military. And he could put the world on notice that the USA will insist on serving its own interests in every dispute and conflict, be it economic or military. His first attempt at legislation - on health care - was a failure. At the marquee climate protest, the Peoples Climate March in Washington, tens of thousands made their way down Pennsylvania Avenue in sweltering heat on their way to encircle the White House.

Duterte, like Trump, loves to flagrantly buck norms. I mean, this guy doesn't play games.

"But there is no evidence that he consulted the State Department, or that the White House has done anything to prepare the groundwork for a Duterte visit", the editorial reads.

In D.C., Minhaj also tweaked the media: "We're living in this odd time where trust is more important than truth".

The president has spent much of his first 100 days in office reckoning with the realities of governing, even with a Republican-led Congress. All presidents have used such orders, although usually for relatively small matters or after first trying to change the law.

The orange man behind the Muslim ban. He also pledged to repeal the Affordable Care Act and to take the fight against crime to "sanctuary cities" to crack down on illegal immigrants and gangs.

White House officials have said that Trump prefers to raise human rights concerns behind closed doors. But what they don't get is you are the majority.

Whether Ryan can pass a bill this week remains uncertain, considering the spending bill passed last week kept the government fully operational for just one additional week. Much to the chagrin of liberal observers and commentators, he has heaped praise on his peers who are notorious for repressing their own populations and invited them to the White House. The tax code, well, details are in development. "I thought it would be easier". The last president to snub the elite gathering was Jimmy Carter. National security is. And Spicer went on to say that when you have a country like North Korea that possesses a nuclear weapon, looking for a delivery system to bring it to the United States. Of course he was. They were, he proclaimed, the most productive of any president in history.

And so, Trump's split-screen moment may have worked for him on Saturday night, but that's a single battle in his presidency, not the broader war.

Yet in the months after his June 30 inauguration, Duterte downplayed the Philippine's US-backed legal victory on the issue of the South China Sea islands, said he would turn to China and Russian Federation, instead of the USA, for arms purchases and told a Beijing audience in October that he was announcing his "separation from the United States".

"Look, as one of the vents organizers said to me last week, 'chicken was on the menu, ' right?" It had to be sweeter yet to say it in Harrisburg after 100 days, leaving all with that split-screen image to preserve and ponder.

  • Salvatore Jensen