US to pay for S. Korea missile defense system

North Korea's nuclear deterrent will assure that American aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, and other military hardware will be "shattered into pieces of molten metal" if they threaten Pyongyang, the article read.

In an interview with Bloomberg on Monday, Trump explained that he would be absolutely honored to meet with Kim Jong-un, an unusual turn of phrase from a sitting usa president.

Trump has said he's encouraged by Chinese President Xi Jinping's efforts to defuse the situation.

Pyongyang's ballistic missile tests have been banned by the United Nations, as they are considered to be part a North Korean program aimed at building a nuclear-capable missile.

The Trump administration has said all options, including a military strike, are on the table. Pyongyang, meanwhile, has responded with more apocalyptic rhetoric, continuing to test fire missiles and threatening a pre-emptive nuclear strike.

Last week, the Trump administration also hinted it's considering dialogue.

"I think it is an opportunity for us to work with countries in that region that can help play a role in isolating North Korea". Asked if "not happy" signified "military action", Trump answered: "I don't know".

North Korea would need to clear many conditions before a meeting between the President and the North Korean leader could be contemplated.

"Clearly conditions are not there right now", Spicer said.

But echoing Trump's gentler tone, Spicer said Kim had "managed to lead a country forward" from a young age.

Another reason could be sabotage of North Korea's missile program. Much of the country is impoverished and malnourished. The thermonuclear weapon is now aimed at North America and several Southeast countries.

Trump told CBS News that any trade disputes with China take a back seat to securing its cooperation on North Korea.

US President Donald Trump has warned of a possible "major conflict" while Pyongyang has carried out a series of failed missile tests, including one on Saturday, and a massive live-fire military exercise. As president, Obama ultimately spoke by phone with Iran's leader and traveled to Cuba amid an historic detente with the island nation.

Meanwhile, McMaster also hinted at the possibility of military action against North Korea when asked how the USA should respond to the North's latest provocations.

President Trump framed the test as a snub to China - the North's largest trading partner - and tweeted: "North Korea disrespected the wishes of China & its highly respected President when it launched, though unsuccessfully, a missile today". After the US made a decision to deploy an aircraft carrier strike group to the region to counter North Korea's nuclear buildup, US President Donald Trump has asserted that a major conflict with Pyongyang was indeed possible.

The president's latest comments on North Korea came as his Central Intelligence Agency director, Mike Pompeo, was in South Korea, where tens of millions of people live within artillery range of the northern border.

  • Leroy Wright