Theresa May vows to ensure Scotland and United Kingdom 'flourish together'

Scotland's governing party, the SNP, has pushed its narrative of being the only effective opposition to the UK Tories in the House of Commons and the best equipped to protect Scotland's interests in the event of the approaching Brexit.

The survey found 41 per cent favour independence for Scotland inside the European Union while ten per cent support Scottish independence outside the EU.

Davidson's party is now on a polling high with some polls during the week projected that the Scottish Conservatives will take around 30% of the vote in Scotland with around nine seats compared to their current one.

"A vote for the SNP ensures there is a strong voice in Westminster to stand up for Scotland and against cruel and damaging Tory policies". Polls show that while support for independence stands at around 45 percent, almost half of Scots do not want another vote on secession to be held between the autumn of 2018 and the spring of 2019 - the timetable Sturgeon has proposed.

Alex Salmond has said Scotland's education system is "putting in some substantially good performances", as politicians clashed on the issue ahead of the local elections later this week.

"In fact, most people in Scotland see the common sense in saying now is not the time for yet another divisive referendum campaign".

"The whole industry, from those who go to sea through the processors to the hauliers, is united behind one simple aim - our coming out of the European Union and the CFP", pointed out Bertie Armstrong, chief executive of the Scottish Fishermen's Federation. However, it is too little too late for the SNP, who have neglected this area during their obsessive pursuit of independence. But the party managed to secure only a single Scottish seat in 2015 and recent polls suggest its vote share could fall even further in the upcoming general election in June. The Liberal Democrats were on 10%, UKIP 11% and the Greens on 4%.

"There are clear barriers to making your proposals a reality", Davis said in a photocopy of the letter dated March 29 and addressed to Michael Russell, the Scottish minister for United Kingdom negotiations on Scotland's place in Europe.

The SNP chose the Prime Minister's visit to challenge her on pensions. The figure also doesn't show individuals who chose to back Labour in 2015, but who had voted for another party (or did not vote at all) in 2010.

Ms Sturgeon said only her party "can stand up to the Tories". "The SNP won't let them".

"Refusing to debate Labour in this election isn't a sign of strength, it's a sign of weakness".

The Leader of the Scottish Conservative party spoke to Iain following her comments about Theresa May being "more in touch with the people of Scotland, than Scottish First Minister".

  • Leroy Wright