France's tense presidential race is colliding with May Day labor marches

His daughter, once she assumed leadership of the National Front, was compelled to kick him out of the party he founded - one of many attempts she's made to distance herself from her organization's past. Four officers were injured, with one seriously burned in the face, Interior Minister Matthias Fekl said.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, of the hard-left France Insoumise (Unbowed France) movement, who was defeated in the first round presidential vote last Sunday, will be present at the afternoon march.

Bit by bit, opposition is rising to Le Pen - from politicians, students, anti-racism groups and cultural representatives.

Some groups want a united front to keep Le Pen from the presidency, but unions fear Macron will dismantle worker protections.

The candidates verbally attacked each other at May Day rallies.

But Le Pen's efforts to clean up her National Front party's anti-Semitic image could be undermined by a parallel Paris event by her father, Jean-Marie, expelled from the party over his extreme views.

He had repeatedly called the Nazi gas chambers a "detail" of history, and she booted him out of the party in 2015.

"She is not Joan of Arc but she accepts the same mission". His backing for Le Pen sparked the resignation of two Debout la France officials and drew over 200 protesters to the town hall in Yerres, in the Paris region, where he is mayor.

The comment was a reference to Macron's time as economy minister under the unpopular Socialist President Francois Hollande.

France far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has accused rival Emmanuel Macron of being a puppet of the world of finance and Islamic fundamentalists. Some of the trade unions opposed the right-wing presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen, Fekl said.

Between them Le Pen and Macron gathered only 45 percent of votes in that round, which eliminated nine other candidates. His pro-business policies, she warned, would leave French workers hungry.

Up to 250 events have been planned across France on a day of symbolic importance in the Front National calendar when it holds its annual gathering to honour the party's heroine, Joan of Arc.

Standing on the same bridge on Monday, Mr Macron hugged Mr Bourram's son Said, who was nine when his father was killed.

Bourram, who supports Macron, says his father was targeted "because he was a foreigner, an Arab". "And I don't want to do so", he added.

"It's inadmissible. It's unthinkable" that Le Pen could lead France, Pfeffer told The Associated Press as Macron arrived.

"I will not forget anything and I will fight to the last second, not only against her project but against the idea she has of democracy and the nation", Macron declared.

Polls consider Mr Macron the front-runner in the run-off but the race has been unpredictable.

Le Pen, who has promised France a referendum on quitting the European Union, said she and Dupont-Aignan, 56, would "build a national unity government that will bring together people chosen for their skills and their love of France".

  • Leroy Wright