Speaker Will Set Health Care Vote When Ready

The development short-circuits, yet again, the House effort to repeal the cornerstone domestic achievement of President Barack Obama.

That seems unlikely, and Ryan reiterated that the House will vote when Republicans have enough support to win.

The progressive groups leading these protests - Indivisible chapters, MoveOn.org and others - say they've seen signs of turning enough moderates to block Trump and Ryan from ever moving an Obamacare repeal. "It's something that we shouldn't be doing", Donovan told CNN. "So when we have the votes we'll vote on it".

But late in the day there were few apparent new converts to the legislation among the Republican moderates whose backing is also needed for passage.

House Rules Chairman Pete Sessions, a Texas Republican, added that he hasn't seen "any impact" from the amendment on the bill's prospects. But there is unquestionably work to do.

Members of the group had predicted their counterparts would rally behind the proposal, particularly after it was endorsed by two leading conservative advocacy groups.

In Congress, Democrats are threatening a government shutdown if Republicans bring the American Health Care Act up for a vote before voting on a budget plan.

Other moderates, including Reps.

The conservative House Freedom Caucus on Wednesday threw their critical support behind a compromise GOP health-care bill increasing the chances for the legislation.

Sen. Orrin Hatch R Utah listens to a reporter's question before a policy luncheon on Capitol Hill in Washington Tuesday

We saw this Thursday, as even some moderate members who had supported the previous iteration of the GOP's health-care bill came out against this one.

In an interview with reporters Wednesday, MacArthur defended his amendment.

"It's not necessarily a more conservative bill but it is a bill that lowers premiums for the American people and allows us to hopefully get on to tax reform in a very quick fashion in the coming days", he said.

"And I agree with both of those". While the bill says the waiver can not limit access to people with preexisting conditions, it is unclear what the baseline of funding would be to grant this waiver. That includes a provision mandating that insurers charge those with pre-existing conditions the same as healthy consumers, and that insurers cover so-called essential health benefits, such as maternity care.

The waivers would be pretty easy to get, as long as the state explains how it would reduce average premiums and increase enrollment.

Meanwhile, MacArthur said in a statement sent to Vox that he is working to eliminate a part of the bill that allows Congress members and staffers to retain the same ACA protections that states would be able to waive for their citizens.

Now, however, with a new amendment that gives states broader ability to opt out of Obamacare regulations and roll back protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions, the House Freedom Caucus is on board and moderates are the ones taking the heat. "We want to make sure they are protected". We have a health care crisis in our country.

"If Republicans announce their intention to bring their harmful TrumpCare bill to the House Floor tomorrow or Saturday, I will oppose a one-week Continuing Resolution and will advise House Democrats to oppose it as well", House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said in a Thursday statement.

More than 7 million Americans selected Obamacare health plans featuring lower deductibles, co-pays and out-of-pocket limits for 2017, said Sara Collins, vice president of health care coverage and access at the New York City-based Commonwealth Fund. "We'll call a vote when we have the votes". But the practical aspects of ripping out Obamacare's numerous tentacles that have ensnared the entire health care system after six years of being in effect is equally to blame. These are referred to cost-sharing reduction (CSR) payments. It would also let insurers charge people with pre-existing conditions more for their insurance.

  • Larry Hoffman