'You're the MUGWUMP Boris!' Farage DEMANDS Johnson stop interfering with foreign countries

Boris Johnson got his Mugwumps mixed up with his Oompa-Loompas as he launched a freakish attack on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. We'll take back control, as I said many times, not just of our borders, not just of our laws, but of very substantial sums of cash.

"We approach this in a responsible, serious way, I leave that kind of language to others".

A member of the Conservative party until 2011, Johnson, whose brothers Boris and Jo are foreign secretary and universities minister respectively, has made no secret of her support for Britain remaining in the European Union, either in her newspaper columns or during her regular slot on Sky.

Johnson said Corbyn would be "disastrous" on Brexit.

Mr Corbyn said Mrs May should consult other parties if she received a U.S. request for military support while Parliament is dissolved for the General Election.

He also warned that the United Kingdom would be "totally stiffed" in Brexit negotiations if Mr Corbyn was dealing with Brussels.

'That's why we need strong, stable leadership under Theresa May to get that deal done.

Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth will say this comes as "we are thousands short on the numbers of nurses, midwives, Global Positioning System and paramedics that we need".

It is why the Prime Minister made it a priority when she took office a year ago to ensure the renewal of Britain's crucial independent nuclear deterrent and to lead the debate in Parliament.

And it is why the PM confirmed last week that Britain will continue to spend 0.7% of our gross national income on overseas development.

"We're eight days into the election campaign and the Tories (Conservatives) have reduced to personal name-calling".

The government of then-Prime Minister David Cameron lost on that occasion after being outflanked by then-Labour leader Ed Miliband.

Boris's response to that: "Well, you know". To protect our way of life. And leading a country that stands up for its principles.

"All we have stated previously is that the USA have been clear that they are not planning any further strikes, but they could reconsider if the Syrian regime uses chemical weapons again and anything beyond that is hypothetical", the spokesman said.

Mr Johnson said earlier in the day that Britain would find it hard to reject a request from Washington to join future airstrikes on the Assad...

  • Leroy Wright