Sheriff: 'Bachelor' star refused to answer door after crash

Hours later at 1:16 a.m. on Tuesday, Soules was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of the fatal vehicle accident.

Chris was arrested around 1:16 a.m. on Tuesday and spent the night in jail until his mother, Linda, posted his $10,000 bail, Entertainment Tonight reported.

In the six-minute 911 recording, Soules can be heard, out of breath, talking with others as he tells dispatchers where the accident occurred.

Of course, there were also plenty of rumors - some even substantiated by legitimate claims - that Whitney Bischoff and Chris Soules were just faking their relationship for publicity's sake, especially through Chris" stint on "Dancing with the Stars'.

According to reports, the accident happened at around 8:20 p.m. on Monday, when Soules rear-ended a John Deere tractor, which went into a ditch.

Arlington mayor Dan Handel told the Register, "It's just very sad news, because I knew the guy that got killed".

A statement issued Thursday from the firm and Soules' publicist argued audio of the 911 call showed that initial portrayals of Soules having fled the scene were misleading.

After making the 911 call, Soules allegedly left before law enforcement arrived.

Soules, 35, walked away from the scene about a mile north of Aurora and was picked up by an unidentified person, said Iowa State Patrol Sgt. Scott Bright.

Soules had been represented by attorney Molly Spellman at his initial court appearance Tuesday.

Although he has not been charged with a DUI, alcoholic beverages were found at the scene. "I feel a pulse, yeah he's got a pulse", he said.

Authorities said someone had called 911 to report the crash, but they didn't release the identity of the caller or audio of the call. The dispatcher then asks if he knows how to perform CPR.

Authorities say Soules' pickup truck was damaged and he left the scene of the crash with another driver - who could also face charges - in a different truck before emergency responders arrived, according to the Associated Press. We have law enforcement, medical en route to you.

Robert Roepke, one of Mosher's relatives, said that his family is still processing the loss. Soules has already deleted his Instagram and Twitter accounts, which reportedly often contained photos of sunsets he took while driving.

"Due to the on-going investigation, further charges may be pending", the statement read. Chris is around the same age as Kenneth Mosher's kids and their farming land overlaps.

  • Salvatore Jensen