Sean Hannity issues dire warning about the 'total end' of Fox News

After a report by New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman today on Shine's increasingly weaken position and the elder Murdoch and sons James and Lachlan supposed refusal to put out a statement of support, the never reluctant Hannity took to social media in vernacular manner like that of his good friend President Donald Trump, the tweeter-in-chief.

On April 27, NY magazine's Gabriel Sherman reported that Shine is privately anxious about his future at Fox, and that he recently asked James and Lachlan Murdoch, the CEO and co-chairman of Fox parent company 21st Century Fox, "to release a statement in support of him, but they refused to do so". Hannity says he's praying Shine doesn't leave Fox News.

Fox News host Sean Hannity has taken to Twitter to defend network co-president Bill Shine.

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That ominous last bit from the insider was a play on one of Hannity's many tweets from today about the Murdochs reluctance to publicly back his former producer and halt a potential hit job from on high.

Hannity later added even more mystery by tweeting that someone "high up" at Fox News is "trying to get an innocent person fired". And Gabe I KNOW WHO it is.

Through a Fox News spokesperson, Shine denied personally going to James and Lachlan for a statement.

"Shine was one of several executives mentioned in a class-action lawsuit filed Tuesday by 11 former and current Fox News employees and contributors claiming racial discrimination within the company". They expanded their control over the network after Roger Ailes resigned over his own sexual harassment scandal. Ditto for Bill O'Reilly and, if Gabe Sherman is right, Bill Shine is next. (Through a Fox News spokesperson, Shine denies this.) He's now a defendant in a federal lawsuit filed this week by former Fox host Andrea Tantaros.

  • Larry Hoffman