BC Liberals, Greens, NDP vie for votes in leaders debate

The startling admission came after Horgan had slammed the Liberal Party for taking millions in donations from wealthy donors and corporations.

Liberal Leader Christy Clark. Last year, Wall donated $400,000 to the BC Liberals, according to the NDP.

"You've played both sides of the big money issue", Weaver told Horgan. If, as you say, Mr. Horgan, we can't trust Miss Clark because of these donations, how can people trust you?'

He dismissed Horgan's repeated remarks that the NDP has tried six times to introduce new rules barring corporate and union donations to political parties but the Liberals would not agree as hypocritical, as long as the NDP does the same. Horgan asked her. "Just before an election you're always quick with a smile and a promise, but you don't deliver".

Political experts say Wednesday's televised leaders debate could be a make or break moment as the spotlight shines on three party leaders.

After some cross-talk, Weaver said: "Are you going to get mad at me now, too?"

The U.S.is imposing duties of up to 24 per cent on lumber imports from Canada.

At one point, Horgan asked Clark not to touch him after she put her hand on his arm and told him to calm down.

The softwood lumber agreement has been expired for well over a year.

On Wednesday, Ms. Clark wrote a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asking Ottawa to ban the shipment of thermal coal - the majority of which comes from the United States - through B.C. ports.

But the NDP hit back hard, pointing out Clark has not visited Washington, D.C., to defend B.C.'s trade interests since Trump was elected.

"It's a bit rich for someone who has been absent from the softwood lumber debate for two and half years to now, 13 days before an election, to somehow say she cares about forest workers", he said.

The Liberals said: "What's more, the US industry campaign against Catalyst was supported from the start by the Pittsburgh-based United Steelworkers - the same union bosses who gave the BC NDP the largest political donation in BC history, and are directly paying the salaries for Horgan's three top campaign staff".

Horgan also called Clark out for prioritizing homeowners over renters, claiming she treats the latter as "second-class citizens" and calling her attitude towards them "patronizing". He said his plan would make it easier to buy more modest homes, and Clark's government has ignored high housing prices in Kelowna, Victoria and other B.C. urban areas.

"I get angry, and I hope British Columbians do as well". He added 15,000 people are on wait list at BC Housing looking for affordable housing. On getting a new softwood deal, he said, "Good luck with that".

The B.C. election debate may have been an opportunity for the three party leaders to discuss their platforms, but it also gave them a chance to point out their opponents' weaknesses and attack their personal characters.

The renters' tax credit amounts to little more than a dollar a day, Clark said.

  • Leroy Wright