Watch a Prologue to ALIEN: COVENANT Called THE CROSSING

In celebration of Alien Day, 20th Century Fox released "The Crossing", an official prologue short to ALIEN: COVENANT. Now you can be inside one of those very pods.

Yeah, that appears to be a fully developed Engineer civilization, complete with a giant, monolithic scorpion-tail ship.

"After we made contact with the Engineers, the Prometheus was destroyed". The film follows a group of colonists looking to make a new home for themselves. Obviously any young filmmaker would jump at the chance to work with a legend like Ridley Scott, but for Karlak, the project's unique universe also had its attractions: "For me the inspiration was the concept... since this was told from the point of view of a Neomorph, how would a creature that's created to hunt perceive the world?" You expel from your human carcass-womb as a mewling spawn, and you must explore your environment to survive/cause nightmares for both yourself and the VR characters of the game.

Leading the helm in RSA VR is Jen Dennis, who was involved in Scott's first VR foray.

Ever since Covenant was announced, Ridley Scott has said he isn't done with all the questions raised by Prometheus.

Speaking with the Washington Post, Scott confirmed that the trailer would be playing ahead of Covenant to give fans their first real look at the Blade Runner sequel. We see their ship finally arriving to their destination. We didn't know if Rapace would even be in the movie, but she surely wouldn't have come out to film a two-minute thing that isn't even in the movie, right? According to Fox, this will be a "a 360-degree virtual reality journey into a living nightmare and offers a terrifyingly close and personal encounter as an alien neomorph at the time of its birth".

Among fan boys and fan girls, this is usually the most hotly contested argument in the movie universe, so we fully expect some backlash to this.

Alien: Covenant hits USA theaters May 19th, 2017.

  • Salvatore Jensen