Theresa May wants to keep pension 'triple lock'

"Is not the message to pensioners you can not trust this Prime Minister, you can not trust the Tories on your pension".

But SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson seized on her failure to give a pledge on the triple lock as meaning millions of retired people should conclude that she will axe it.

Angus Robertson made the claim as he questioned the Prime Minister on the floor of the House of Commons.

However, Mr Robertson put Mrs May on the spot about the arrangement by asking her at Prime Minister's Questions to guarantee its future. Campaigners suggest that if the Tories dropped their commitment to the triple lock pensions arrangement it could lead to a loss in funds for pensioners.

Theresa May has refused to guarantee the triple lock on pensions will continue.

Former work and pensions secretary Stephen Crabb yesterday said the government should keep the triple lock until 2020, as promised in the 2015 general election manifesto.

"The party in government that has improved the lot of pensioners is the Conservatives", she said.

"I've been very clear that under this Conservative government, we have seen pensioners benefit as a result of what we've done to the basic state pension to the tune of £1,250 a year".

"The only reason that they won't guarantee it is because they want to cut pensions".

The Conservative leader has steered well clear of answering anything directly on the controversial policy ahead of the party's manifesto release and used the same line in defence of the Tories' pension record last week.

"We will protect the incomes of twelve million pensioners across the United Kingdom by legislating to keep the Triple Lock".

Advocates of getting rid of the triple lock deal say it is starting to cost too much money as a larger part of the population reach above the 65 plus age threshold.

When the triple lock was introduced under the Coalition in 2010, it was forecast in Budget documents that it would cost £450m a year.

"While the Tories again proved they only care about the lucky few, Labour will build a Britain for the many".

"We will protect the incomes of 12 million pensioners across the United Kingdom by legislating to keep the triple lock".

Theresa May disputed Robertson's accusation and said pensions will rise under the Conservatives if she is returned to Downing Street.

  • Leroy Wright