President Trump says Tax Day protesters were paid

He shrugs the issue away by once again lying about his Electoral College victory, writing in a typo-riddled tweet that he managed to do "what was an nearly an impossible thing to do for a Republican-easily won the Electoral College!"

Organizers said the protests - dubbed the Tax March - were scheduled in almost 150 cities, and stemmed from the women's march that took place the day after Trump's inauguration.

According to PolitiFact, Trump is the first major party presidential nominee since Gerald Ford to not release his tax returns. They debunked Trump's claim that no one but the news media cares about his tax returns.

He tweeted Sunday: "Someone should look into who paid for the small organized rallies yesterday".

Tuesday is tax day and questions continue over the President's still unreleased tax returns.

Those looking for President Donald Trump 's tax returns will likely have to keep waiting.

Trump has said voters don't care about his tax returns.

Similar protests are being held in dozens more cities including Washington, D.C., Chicago, New York and Palm Beach, Florida.

"We need to see Trump's tax returns as a matter of transparency", Shockley said.

Many featured oversized inflatable chickens with the President's features, suggesting Mr Trump is too afraid to make details of his tax affairs public.

Registered nurse Pam Craig, of Greensboro, North Carolina, says she'd like to ask Trump how much he "contributed to this country". We don't care? We care.

More than four months after winning the presidency, Trump continued to attack Clinton at a rally in Nashville, Tennessee, this March. Mr. Trump tweeted before following up seven minutes later with accusations about the protests themselves.

"If he thinks he can get away with playing king, he's got another thought coming", Waters said.

Registered nurse Pam Craig of Greensboro says Trump's returns may show he has paid little or nothing to run the government he now heads.

Kinzinger is among few Republicans joining Democrats on the issue. However, the IRS has said, "nothing prevents individuals from sharing their own tax information". When will you share them with the public?

  • Leroy Wright