Ivanka Trump booed at Berlin Women's Summit after defending her dad

Unlike her father, Trump showed a seemingly more open attitude toward the possibility of allowing refugees into the United States. "But that's not going to be enough in and of itself".

But it seems the controversy surrounding Ivanka Trump's father, which often trickles down to the first daughter, could stand in her way here.

As to what Ivanka herself plans to do about the equality gap between women and men, she said 'I'm striving to think about how best to empower women in the economy, ' she said, at one point calling herself a feminist.

Trump's statements arrive at a particularly critical moment.

Still, the creation of the fund presents another tricky balancing act for Ivanka, who is already struggling to reconcile her dual roles as First Daughter and Senior Adviser to the president-an unprecedented arrangement that has highlighted the vast gulf between her advocacy on behalf of women and her father's policies. It was followed by thousands of comments questioning Ivanka Trump's commitment to the populist causes that propelled her rougher-hewn father to the White House.

That liberal crown has never fit perfectly: The husband-and-wife team, while powerful and socially progressive, have mostly been reluctant to challenge the president publicly and have lost significant battles, most recently an attempt to preserve federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

Mrs Merkel invited Ms Trump during her trip to Washington last month and accepting the invite, she has made it to the Berlin which is seen as a major move that may forge good relationship between the United States and Germany.

"I'm very proud of my father's advocacy", Ivanka said, adding he is "a tremendous champion of supporting families and enabling them to thrive".

"I'm listening, I'm learning, I'm defining the ways in which I think that I'll be able to have impact" in empowering women in the USA economy and beyond.

Trump then said that as president he would introduce ethic reforms that would prevent members of Congress and the executive branch from serving as lobbyists for at least five years after their government service.

Ivanka Trump was deeply moved by televised images of children dying from a sarin gas attack this month in Idlib province in northern Syria. In Berlin, Ivanka Trump told reporters that this was a "flawed interpretation".

Ivanka Trump has faced tough questions over her father's attitude towards women as well as scorn for his track record while making her first global outing as a White House adviser. And Ivanka Trump reportedly has chatted with World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim for advice. It says only that "several corporations", as well as "Canadians, Germans and some Middle Eastern countries" have vowed to contribute money, leaving it unclear if the donors are foreign governments, companies in those countries, or individual foreign citizens.

  • Leroy Wright