'Be more like Trump': Jean-Marie Le Pen criticises daughter's presidential campaign

In a bid to shore up more support and be seen as a favorable candidate for all of France, Le Pen stepped down from leadership at her populist National Front party on Monday evening.

In her statement Le Pen, who has called for a shutdown of immigration from Muslim countries, a ban on public prayer and the wearing of Muslim religious symbols, referenced halal slaughter specifically.

In the 2012 presidential race, Socialist Francois Hollande travelled to a closure-threatened steel plant in eastern France's rust belt in a similar pursuit of blue-collar votes. Should Le Pen pull an upset, we could see the collapse of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the European Union and a further surge of populism on the continent. "What is at stake is France's make-up, its unity, its membership of Europe and its place in the world".

Sunday's first round capped a rollercoaster campaign in a demoralised France, which has been rocked by a series of terror attacks since 2015 and is struggling to shake off a deep economic malaise. They were high by 2.88 percent The European index, the EuroStoxx 50 was rose by 2.03 percent.

Some in the crowd shouted "President Marine!" and booed as the 39-year-old former banker arrived outside the Whirlpool appliance factory in the northern city of Amiens, where Le Pen had made an unannounced stop hours earlier. Many had feared another anti-establishment shock to follow Britain's "Brexit" vote and Donald Trump's election as USA president.

"I think her campaign was too laid-back".

She justified her father's exclusion from the party, saying: "He was always trying to provoke me".

Le Pen with her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, in 2007.

She staged her unexpected visit to the Whirlpool picket lines as Macron, her rival for the presidency in an election on May 7, was just a few kms (miles) away in his hometown of Amiens, meeting union representatives from the plant at a local chamber of commerce.

"His platform is extremely close to ours".

His approach to solving them is not to try to avoid the forces of globalization, as Le Pen impossibly promises, but to tackle the regulatory framework that puts France at a competitive disadvantage.

Macron's internal security programme calls for 10,000 more police officers, and 15,000 new prison places, and he has recruited a number of security experts to his entourage.

Ms Le Pen and Mr Macron are set for a final showdown for the top job on May 7 and pro-EU politicians across Europe voiced their support for the centrist candidate.

"Emmanuel is not a patriot".

He also criticized Le Pen for proposing that the French state take a share in the plant if needed.

According to the French Interior Ministry, Macron won the first round of the presidential election on Sunday with 24.01 percent of the vote, while Le Pen came in second with 21.3 percent.

A Harris survey saw Macron going on to win the run-off against her by 64 percent to 36. (Onwards!) movement has none. He got another boost when former President Nicolas Sarkozy endorsed him.

  • Zachary Reyes