Turkey says informed US, Russia prior to Kurdish strikes

Earlier, the representative of USA state Department mark Toner said the concerns over the application of Turkey's strikes in the North of Syria and Iraq.

The strikes reflect how complicated the situation is in the battle against so-called Islamic State in Syria and northern Iraq.

The YPG militia is the leading contingent in the US -backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which have been advancing on Raqqa, the so-called Islamic State's main enclave in Syria.

Turkey also conducted airstrikes in the Sinjar region of Iraq, ostensibly aimed at the militant Kurdish separatists of the PKK.

The PKK recently claimed responsibility for a bomb attack on a police compound in southeastern Turkey that killed three people. "We respect Syria and Iraq's territorial integrity".

The president said Turkey will not let Sinjar become a PKK base and will continue military operations there and in northern Syria "until the last terrorist is eliminated".

KURDISH leaders accused Turkey of collaborating with Isis yesterday after the country's air force killed dozens of militia in Syria and Iraq.

"We are also cognizant of the threat that the PKK poses to Turkey..."

The Observatory said that at least five people were killed Tuesday by strikes believed to have been carried out by the us -led coalition.

Syrian activists said the attack in Syria killed at least 18 members of the Syrian Kurdish militia known as the People's Protection Units, while the Iraq airstrikes killed five members of the Iraqi Kurdish militia known as the peshmerga, another partner in the anti-IS coalition, the Associated Press reported.

Commenting on the Turkish aerial attacks, diplomatic sources in Ankara told Asharq Al-Awsat that they "were ordered following lengthy talks between the political and military wings, and also following discussions held a couple of times during meetings and conversations conducted by Turkish officials with their United States and Russian counterparts".

The central government in Baghdad also condemned the attack, calling it a "violation against Iraq's sovereignty".

Turkey classifies the YPG as terrorists, while the us sees it as one of the most effective allies against Islamic State and has deployed special forces to work alongside the group.

"Turkish warplanes, at 2.30 am on Tuesday, bombed sites in the mountains of Sinjar, targeting sites belonging to an armed faction established by the PKK party", a report published by the Turkish counterterrorism agency said.

Reuters reported that a USA military officer accompanied YPG commanders on a tour of the targeted sites later on April 25, a visit that demonstrated the close partnership between the US military and the YPG.

Turkey says one of the Kurdish groups represented in the SDF is an extension of an outlawed insurgent Kurdish group within its own borders.

The SDF entered the town on Monday as part of its offensive on Raqa, Syrian heart of the jihadists' self-styled "caliphate" since 2014.

  • Leroy Wright