Thousands march in celebration of science

Max Gold, 20, of New York City cruises on his skateboard near the Mall during the march.

Bill Nye, an engineer and educator known as "the science guy" through his appearances on television, spoke to thousands of enthusiastic marchers in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, declaring that science serves everyone and must be for all.

In Manhattan, the March for Science began with a rally at 10:30 a.m. near Columbus Circle at Central Park West.

"The March for Science could not come at a more consequential moment", the March for Science organizers wrote in a statement. "Their inclination is misguided, and in no one's best interest".

In London, crowds gathered at the Science Museum to also show their support for science.

For many in the scientific community, the conclusion is clear.

"His budget is a disaster".

"Flint is what happens when we dismiss science", she said, referring to the 2014 crisis. There is lots of scientific work being done out there right now.

"We have a president and Congress who dismiss scientific facts and things like climate change".

Science March
Children learning how to detect ultraviolet light at the American Chemical Society’s Kids Zone teach-in tent

The event was intentionally scheduled to coincide with Earth Day.

"The enemy of science isn't politics or a party or an ideology or a law - it is bias, and bias is everywhere", said the former co-host of Mythbusters.

"The administration is not agreeing with what the scientists are telling them", said Deb Burch, a retired science teacher from Methuen, who called Trump's proposals "appalling".

A protester left a "Science Makes America Great" sign in front of the Environmental Protection Agency during the March for Science.

The marchers say they will keep marching until science is prioritized, funded, and embraced by both political parties. Locals taking part in the march along the bayfront said they wanted to highlight science-related topics ranging from medical research to climate change.

There were quite a few Trump supporters in the crowd though. "Ask me anything", reads a sign held by a grinning young man.

Among the many actions the Trump administration has taken on environmental issues, one included the EPA's Office of Science and Technology removing the word "science" from its mission statement.

Trump has also voiced doubts over the legitimacy of climate change, suggests via Tweet that "the concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese".

Mark Fernau, an atmospheric scientist from Clinton, said he hopes the Trump administration "will realize the value of pollution regulations and research". The president has also appointed anti-science crusaders to key administration positions and reversed Obama-era environmental protections.

  • Leroy Wright