Senate To Go To White House For North Korea Briefing

It's also worth noting that in contrast to, say, the hours preceding Trump's Syria strike, there does not appear to be buzz on Capitol Hill that any sort of attack on North Korea is imminent.

The South Korean military was monitoring the situation and "firmly maintaining readiness", it said.

In addition, one of the largest US guided-missile submarines showed up in the South Korean port of Busan, presaging the imminent arrival in the region of a naval strike group led by an aircraft carrier. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un "is intent on having the capability to strike the United States of America".

The sending the Vinson to waters near the Korean Peninsula in a show of force amid concerns about North Korea's nuclear and missile development.

Total imports from the North by China - Pyongyang's sole major diplomatic ally and chief trading partner - stood at $114.56 million last month, down from 176.7 million in February, according to Chinese customs data.

Yonhap called the drill one of the largest live-fire exercises conducted by the North.

Washington wants further sanctions on North Korea, formally known as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), whilst simultaneously attempting to put renewed pressure on China to force the nation to halt its nuclear programme. But he said the Trump administration's tough talk of defusing North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs is justified. But the day passed in North Korea without reports of a test.

Japan's envoy on North Korea, Kenji Kanasugi, said after talks with his US and South Korean counterparts that they agreed China should take a concrete role to resolve the crisis and it could use an oil embargo as a tool to press the North.

But in a preview of his conversation with the President, Corker warned against rash U.S. action that could result in a full-blown crisis.

President Trump's top security aides will host an unusual White House briefing on North Korea for the entire U.S. Senate on Wednesday amid rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula and pressure on Washington to organize an effective response to Pyongyang's increasingly brazen military provocations and nuclear tests. And in NY, the United Nations Security Council scheduled a special ministerial meeting Friday to discuss further sanctions on the regime in Pyongyang. "North Korea's unlawful weapons programs represent a clear, grave threat to USA national security".

"Consultations are under way in connection with the exercise", Ministry of National Defense spokesman Moon Sang-gyun told reporters. The two exercises were scheduled to continue Wednesday.

The Pentagon described it as a routine visit.

On Tuesday, a missile-armed U.S. submarine arrived in South Korea, on its way to join the other warships.

He didn't disclose intentions, but Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that in their Sunday phone call Trump "has indicated by his words and actions that all possible options are on the table". The Trump administration could be using this briefing as an attempt to distract from their many other problems, but it is probable that this briefing is the next step in the administration laying the groundwork for a strike or operation against North Korea.

  • Zachary Reyes