NFL Draft prospect Gareon Conley reportedly accused of rape

These types of allegations are not taken lightly, and if he is found to be guilty of them, he could be looking at more serious consequences than just his draft stock falling.

The Eagles do not own their own 2017 first round pick (No. 12) due to their trade with the Cleveland Browns a year ago to get Carson Wentz. The team now owns a total of eight draft picks.

Many draft analysts expect the Browns to select North Carolina's Mitchell Trubisky, either at No. 12 or in a trade back up in the first round. So any move by Robinson likely will help net a pick to get back into that round.

Add in Melvin Gordon's solid play last season with the Chargers and the past three first-round picks have shown that they were worth the pick. Based on paper, Garoppolo is better than the draft options (with the exception of maybe Deshaun Watson). Watson has been projected from the top-10 to the lower part of the first round.

"I don't think there's anyone else that can do all the things I can as far as running between the tackles, outside pass protect, play X, Z, slot, and do a lot of things in the return game as well", he said. It's possible the Eagles might use at least one of those players as a trade chip to move up in a certain round, similar to how the Ravens did with Jernigan.

Police spokeswoman Jennifer Ciaccia says investigators are making arrangements to interview Conley, one of the top defensive prospects in the upcoming National Football League draft. We have talented offensive playmakers. The Pittsburgh Steelers are obviously in need of a quality draft, but the same could be said for almost every team.

You can always count on the struggling Browns to make draft night interesting.

The Browns must be should be sure that everyone in the organization is all-in on Trubisky before they pick him, be it through trading up, at No. 1, or at No. 12.

Many believe Fournette will be the first taken. He has all the tools to be the best passer of this draft class. That's key here. While many are convinced the Browns, notably owner Jimmy Haslam, have zeroed in on Trubisky as the QB of choice, there is a chance the team values another QB just as highly, if not higher. The advantage that this gives you is that they'll typically line up against a slot cornerback, safety, or linebacker.

That really doesn't mean much, but when you think about how a first-round receiver would have an instant impact on the Eagles offense, it wouldn't be a surprising pick from the Eagles standpoint.

  • Julie Sanders