IL police bring awareness to distracted driving

"As a long-time traffic safety advocate, AAA urges all Michigan motorists to get back to basics, ditch the distractions and just drive", said Susan Hiltz, Michigan Public Affairs Director for AAA.

Through an effort to bring attention to the dangers and consequences associated with driving distracted, Governor Rauner issued the Proclamation and both Houses passed Resolutions identifying April 24 through April 28 as Illinois Distracted Driving Awareness Week.

"Distracted driving is becoming an increasing problem, especially in youth, and texting has been at the forefront", Putnam County Sheriff Kevin Doyle said. Close 3,500 people are killed across the country each year because of distracted driving, with those crashes making up almost 10 percent of traffic deaths. That is a 9-percent increase in fatalities as compared to the previous year. Also, the use of electronic communication devices or any other electronic device to text, e-mail, compose, read or send electronic messages or access internet sites while driving a motor vehicle is prohibited.

It's time to drop the double standard on distracted driving-the dangers are real.

The department's goal for the distracted driving crack down is reducing traffic accidents caused by distracted drivers.

In Lake Zurich, for instance, two officers will be dedicated to just looking for drivers who are texting or talking on their phones without being hands-free. "So, it's out there a lot, and even in your private vehicles you can see it going on".

  • Leroy Wright