Elinor Barker wins world points race gold

Francois Pervis roared "I'm on holiday now" after winning the men's 1km time trial title for a fourth time.

"So I was already a little bit heartbroken at that thought, but I'm so relieved that I've got a gold".

I slept with the rainbow jersey (given to the winner) and I'm going to wear this on the way back to Malaysia.

"But I think there's a way we can do that in which we put the person first".

"The final was one of the messiest rides we've done but sometimes the hardest fought battles are the most rewarding".

Earlier in the championships, Barker was second in the scratch race and also took silver in the Madison yesterday with Emily Nelson.

"I have always prayed for my son's success in the world stage", said the father of nine children. I was seriously running out of laps (to catch Hammer).

"For the last six months, all my track training has been for the bunch racing without the complete focus of team pursuit, so I've only been doing team pursuit for the last couple of weeks".

'They were head and shoulders above everybody else, ' Barker said.

"I was very close to done for - I thought I wasn't going to finish at one point", said an exhausted Archibald.

The 24-year-old, from east Leeds, claimed Olympic bronze behind gold medallist Kristina Vogel of Germany and fellow Briton Becky James, who won two silvers in Rio but is absent from Hong Kong on an extended post-Games break. We have two new riders for these worlds so it is encouraging to see the depth of the programme and we have the juniors working away as well.

The Dutch city also hosted the 2015 Para-cycling Track World Championships.

The pressure is still on for Skinner, he insisted, although now it will take a different form.

It was Belgium's played after an enthralling 120-lap (30-kilometres) race which would have impressed International Olympic Committee observers.

"We didn't really know what to expect".

"I just waited and watched the scoreboard and I saw my name in first place and I just can not believe it.it's like I'm dreaming".

"It's really nice to be part of a squad like that".

"It's quite important to have competition within the team, people who are looking to take your place".

"We had a time in mind". The victor is the team that catches the other team or records the fastest time.

  • Julie Sanders