UK's Labour pledges new Brexit strategy if it wins election

"This will make sure that all EU-derived laws are fully protected without qualifications or limitations", Sir Keir Starmer is expected to say.

"That is why I will be fighting to earn every vote I can in this election, because every vote I receive will strengthen my hand as I negotiate with the prime ministers, presidents and chancellors of Europe".

If you want a Britain for the many not the few after Brexit, vote Labour.

The former prime minister suggested that pro-Europeans should consider voting for other parties if the local candidates are opposed to a hard Brexit.

Labour now has just one MP in Scotland following the 2015 general election when an SNP tsunami saw the party win all but three of the 59 seats up for grabs.

Labour's Brexit spokesman Keir Starmer said that, if elected, his party would guarantee EU nationals living Britain the right to remain in the United Kingdom after the split, and would be open to retaining the benefits of the EU's single market and customs union.

The Liberal Democrats, the only party to criticise Britain's departure from the European Union, said they would offer a second referendum on any Brexit deal, while UKIP denied it had tacked to the right with its proposal to ban face veils.

Among a Labour government's first moves in the negotiations would be to tell European Union citizens living in the United Kingdom they could keep all their current rights after Brexit-a break with May's strategy of waiting for a the same guarantee about the rights of United Kingdom citizens on the continent before doing so.

It would then press for reciprocal guarantees for the 1.2 million Britons living on the continent.

"And Labour's reluctance to give British people a final say on the terms of any deal shows an utter disregard for democracy".

The Labour leader, who has previously said he would never authorise the use of nuclear weapons, said he stood by his past views on the subject.

"That's why Labour is campaigning to win every seat across the whole country". And their Brexit strategy this morning is completely incoherent. "What matters for jobs, the economy and living standards is that we retain the benefits of the single market and the customs union", Starmer said. The party maintained only they had a clear plan for exiting the EU.

Liberal Democrats leader, Tim Farron, has said Labour's plans to scrap Theresa May's Brexit plans are flawed.

"Only Theresa May and the Conservatives can provide the strong and stable leadership the United Kingdom needs to see us through Brexit and beyond".

May said an early election will bolster the UK's position in the talks over Brexit and is in the country's national interest.

He will tell the delegates at Aviemore: "The choice facing the country is clear".

  • Leroy Wright