Tucker Carlson Books Caitlyn Jenner for First Post-O'Reilly Show

Jenner is making the media rounds to promote her upcoming memoir, The Secrets of My Life, written with Vanity Fair contributor Buzz Bissinger, who profiled the former Olympic athlete and reality star's transition for the magazine in 2015.

When asked why she didn't vote for Hillary Clinton given how much she pandered to the LGBT community, Jenner said it's because she supports limited government and has basically given up on the Democratic party. "I'm trying to get, especially the Republican party, to make a change". When Trump won the Republican nomination, she said she was going to vote for him.

US President Donald Trump signed away parts of an executive order protecting LGBT federal workers against discrimination in March. "He talked about fighting the bathroom issue as 'The Bible tells me I have to go after evil, ' you know?" On that front, she said that he's a disappointment. She also voiced opposition and concern about Trump's nominee to be Secretary of the Army, Tennessee State Sen. "I believe in our Constitution", she told Carlson.

Jenner's breasts grew as a result of hormone therapy but did not shrink after she stopped treatment, and she elected to undergo liposuction when she continued to live as a man.

Still, Jenner said she's planting her feet in conservatism, and noted she would never switch parties for a single issue. Jenner said it's because she's not a single-issue voter.

Regarding her identity, Jenner said, It's not something that's "just a whim", adding that she's been dealing with being transgender since she was very young. Given how the LGBT community reacts to conservatives, you can see why this probably would not have been possible.

Caitlyn Jenner has revealed that she once considered suicide when she was being targeted by the press before she came out as transgender.

Carlson told Jenner that coming out as transgender paled to her most "courageous" decision ever - voting for Trump while living in Malibu.

  • Salvatore Jensen