Trump to sign orders on oil drilling, national monuments

The interview is deep, pure, tangy, umami Trump.

President Trump is pretending not to care about the 100-day milestone in his presidency, which he will hit Saturday.

He's endured the steady drip of investigations and seemingly endless public personnel drama.

"In two break-even results, Americans divide (44-41 percent) on whether Trump is keeping most of his campaign promises, and likewise divide (35-35 percent) on whether he's doing a better or worse job than they expected", Langer informed. He showed signs that he feels the weight of the office, discussing the "heart" required to do the job.

Richard Norton Smith, whose experience writing about presidents includes a biography of the man who was once our nation's most famous businessman-turned-president, Herbert Hoover, told NPR that Trump's presidency is proof that knowing how to run a business does not necessarily qualify one for the White House.

Trump often accused Obama during the presidential campaign of effectively short-circuiting the legislative process by executive fiat, making rules and regulations that could not make it through a Congress dominated by opposition Republicans. This is risk that's involved, because if the missile goes off and goes in a city or goes in a civilian area - you know, the boats were hundreds of miles away - and if this missile goes off and lands in the middle of a town or a hamlet. every decision is much harder than you'd normally make.

He underscored the message by dropping the MOAB (aka "Mother of All Bombs") on an Islamic State hideout in Afghanistan and by deploying the USS Carl Vinson carrier strike group (after a brief detour off the coast of Australia) to the Korean Peninsula. And there is plenty of time to do it. History does not judge presidents by what they did in the first 100 days; it judges what they did during their presidencies.

While the Republican base remains largely supportive, Trump's disapproval among Democrats is 87%, with virtually all saying they "strongly disapprove" of his performance.

The internal squabbles within the Trump White House have not helped the president move forward with articulating his long-term vision.

He promised a tax overhaul plan that would give Americans a tax cut bigger than "any tax cut ever".

What will the president do with all that free time he has now that he isn't watching CNN and the others? He's backpedaled on an array of issues in recent weeks, including his critiques of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and his threats to label China a currency manipulator.

"Agencies are going to find themselves in a very tough position because they don't want to go to court and be rejected, and on the other hand the president has asked these political appointees to take actions that are vulnerable to challenge", Buzbee said.

Haley has been one of the Trump administration's most vocal members, taking a tough line on Russian Federation and Syria and telling North Korea not to give the U.S. Trump won by a mere 109 votes.

He is acutely aware of how he's being covered in the media, rattling off the ratings for some of his television appearances. He's stocked his cabinet with billionaires and CEOs, and he's been tilting toward the Wall Street wing of his White House staff, signing executive orders helpful to the big banks.

"I think the 100 days is, you know, it's an artificial barrier". I never thought I had the ability to not watch.

"I think the president's first 100 days have been a disaster for New Mexico and for the country, and I will continue to work to hold him accountable", Udall said.

".I stopped watching them". He praised his national security team in particular and said his political team in the White House doesnt get the credit it deserves for their work in a high-pressure setting. "Not caused necessarily by me".

President Donald Trump appears to have trouble finding the right words.

  • Leroy Wright