Thai husband kills baby, self on Facebook Live

A man in Thailand upset with his wife hanged their 11-month-old daughter on Facebook Live and then killed himself, police said Tuesday.

The harrowing footage from Thailand showed Wuttisan Wongtalay tying a rope to his daughter Natalie's neck before dropping the child, dressed in a bright pink dress, from the rooftop of a deserted building in the seaside town of Phuket.

Officers found the bodies of 20-year-old Wuttisan Wongtalay and the baby in an abandoned hotel in Phuket province after receiving reports of the video.

Before the vision was taken down, the first video had drawn 112,000 views by mid-afternoon on Tuesday, while the second video showed 258,000 views.

A Facebook spokesman said in a statement to Reuters that "there is absolutely no place for content of this kind on Facebook and it has now been removed".

"He said: "[Wuttisan] was having paranoia about his wife leaving him and not loving him".

Facebook Live has already been used to live stream several brutal acts of violence including but not limited to murders and even as Facebook tries to improve the detection and removal process of such videos, it's easier said than done.

The videos were removed from Facebook after Thailand's ministry of digital economy contacted the social network on Tuesday afternoon following a police request.

A ministry spokesperson told Reuters they would not be pressing charges against the company. "They co-operated very well".

What it hasn't discussed is the idea of scrapping Facebook Live altogether.

This latest atrocity comes less than a fortnight after a United States man bragged on Facebook Live about his murder of a 74-year-old in Cleveland, having also posted a video of the killing to the social network.

Facebook said it was reviewing how it monitored violent and objectionable material following the incident in Cleveland.

Deputy police spokesman Kissana Phathanacharoen said this may be the first killing in Thailand to be broadcast on social media. Kissana said: "It could be influenced by behaviour from overseas, most recently in Cleveland".

While traditional TV broadcasters are subject to regulations, internet streaming services do not face the same restrictions and enforce their own terms of service.

Sadly, this is the latest incident in which a person has used Facebook Live to broadcast a murder.

  • Leroy Wright