Spotify hints at plans for a voice-controlled wearable

However, while the product manager and director of product job listings remain on the site, the senior product vacancy appears to have been taken down.

According to a couple of job listings right on the service's website - as first spotted by Zats Not Funny - Spotify is looking for a Senior Product Manager to help the company create a "category-defining product akin to Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo, and Snap Spectacles".

Beyond these job listings, there's no indication as to what Spotify's hardware may be.

While there's no guarantee the latter two positions involve working on the hardware project, there's at least a hint Spotify is taking voice commands more seriously.

As one of the most popular and controversial applications in the music business, Spotify holds a place in the hearts and smartphones of millions. Then again, it's different when a software company with no hardware experience decides to build its own physical product compared to relying on a brand that has decades of building excellent gadgets under its belt.

So what will Spotify's hardware look like?

This would indicate that Spotify is in the early stages of planning its product. Arguably, the only things that the Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo and Snap Spectacles have in common are dedicated consumer bases, imaginative user interfaces and a flair for going viral.

No longer content just dominating a music streaming software market that's getting a little too crowded, possibly nearing its saturation point, Spotify is likely testing the hardware-making waters.

So, nicely vague and no official comment to date; flawless for fuelling a whole new genre of random Spotify speculation.

Spotify is already being used by most of its subscribers on smartphones and smartwatches, so it is now unclear how the company will benefit if it releases its own wearable device.

  • Arturo Norris