Spicer regrets his own comments comparing Assad and Hitler

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has said that he thinks he "let the president down" when he made comparisons between Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Mr. Spicer said he had not spoken to the president since making the comments, but declined to say whether anyone in the administration had given him a message from the president, saying, "I don't get into private conversations". Christians are preparing for Easter on Sunday, and Jews are celebrating Passover.

"It's painful to myself to know I did something like that", the White House spokesman said. "That obviously was not my intention". He called the comment "mine to own" and "mine to apologize for".

Sean Spicer's regret-a-thon continued into Wednesday as he used a Washington forum appearance to ask again for forgiveness for remarks he made about the Holocaust. The attack in northern Syria left almost 90 people dead.

On Tuesday, Spicer said Syria's chemical weapons attack on civilians was worse than anything Hitler did. "And I hope that each person can understand that part of existing is understanding that when you do something wrong you own up to it".

In Israel, the Yad Vashem memorial center urged Spicer to visit its website and expressed "deep concern regarding the inaccurate and insensitive use of terms related to the Holocaust" by the press secretary.

In an exchange with reporters, Spicer appeared to draw a new red line for the Trump administration when he told reporters that if a country gases a baby or it puts "a barrel bomb into innocent people, I think you will see a response from this president".

Reaction from around the world continued Wednesday.

"There's no comparing atrocities", he said during an interview at an event at a museum in Washington.

Democrats and Jewish organizations condemned the comments.

Some are calling on Spicer to resign or be fired.

Rep. Lee Zeldin, a Jewish Republican from NY, said in a statement that the comparison could be made "a little differently and it would be accurate, but it's important to clear up that Hitler did in fact use chemical warfare to murder innocent people".

Adding that Trump has had an "unbelievable couple of weeks", Spicer said his actions were disappointing on both a personal and a professional level.

  • Leroy Wright