Sanders promoting new blood in Democrats

Bernie Sanders, the face of the progressive movement in the United States and the most popular politician in the nation, is defending his decision to support two Democratic candidates this week.

"We need to transform the Democratic Party, not just a party of the east coast and the west coast but a party for all 50 states", Sanders said.

Sanders has scheduled a rally Tuesday evening in Louisville. Republicans hold both U.S. Senate seats from Kentucky, all but one of the state's congressional seats and the governorship.

Sanders was accompanied by Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez, a labor secretary under President Obama.

"I love Bernie. I feel like times are changing - in a good way", said Soderquist, who recently joined the Democratic Party, although she still believes "conservative values have a place, have importance".

"Just seeing him inspires people", said Shannon Jackson, executive director of Sanders' PAC. The exception has been former Gov. Steve Beshear, who embraced the law and delivered the Democratic response to Trump's speech to a joint session of Congress earlier this year.

The state's Republicans have successfully campaigned against the Affordable Care Act in recent years - Gov. Matt Bevin won his 2015 election promising to scrap the state health exchange, Kynect, and scale back the Medicaid expansion. Again, Sanders put that blame on the Democratic Party.

Just past year, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders took our state Democratic caucuses by storm.

Sanders drew big cheers from the crowd when he brought up immigration.

After that campaign, he didn't rule out a second bid for the White House, a prospect that troubles some next-generation Democrats.

"We need newer faces across the board: veterans, police officers, teachers, coaches, firefighters that can improve our party's brand at least visually", said Ryan, who unsuccessfully challenged Nancy Pelosi for House minority leader late past year. "Hopefully, many, many more are not represented here who are supportive of this", Soderquist said.

Senator Bernie Sanders spoke to hundreds of people in Louisville Tuesday at the Louisville Palace Theatre as part of a cross-country tour. In a statement to The Huffington Post on Thursday, Mello seemed to be distancing himself from his past by telling them that were he elected he "would never do anything to restrict access to reproductive health care".

Rally attendee Melinda Feldman said she supported Hillary Clinton in the primary race, but she was turning to Sanders for direction and ideas for moving forward.

Some Democrats say Sanders is headed in the right direction, but must do more.

The leader followed up by asking, "Maybe you came through because you are curious about the new DNC chairman and the future of Democratic politics?" - and the crowd cut her off with boos.

The former presidential candidate said Democrats need to go beyond their "zone of comfort" to promote a progressive agenda to working class voters.

  • Julie Sanders